Junk Removal For You

Pasadena has been a major demographic for Dumpster Rental Companies for a very, very long time. I suppose it’s because of the upper middle class residential and commercial areas that clustered here since the 1950s. But nonetheless, people here have always ordered dumpsters. It actually became a benchmark for dumpster prices since the orders for bins have been high, the prices went down significantly amongst dumpster companies. The competition to get as much dumpsters inPasadena drove dumpster prices down. In the end, it was the consumer that reaped the bountiful benefits of these competing markets.


Then, the franchise concept was introduced to Pasadena. The franchise rule stated that only city sanctioned dumpster companies can deliver bins in Pasadena. These companies, to be included in the franchise must meet the City of Pasadenas standards and pay up to $20,000 dollars membership fee. Now, this drove the options of Pasadena locals down to five or six companies. Companies that paid a lot of money just to be included in the franchise. And with profit being the driving force behind companies, those lucky few who had the extra dough will now have to increase their prices exponentially to make profit. And since there isnt much competition left, the locals of Pasadena have no choice but to rent bins 40-100% more expensive and take it.


This is nothing more than subtle Monopolization and its all legal! But thats not even the worst part; almost half of the cities in Los Angeles County have these franchises!

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