You need a Junk Removal company when having an estate clean out.

I had an aunt that recently died. She lived a fairly long life (90 years) and had a fairly prosperous life. When she died she left the family with her house and all her possessions. Most of her surviving relatives were pretty young so we all decided to sell what was left to us, including the house and whatever was left inside.

We spent about three months selling antiques, collectibles, and some appliances. We wanted to sell as much as we could both to return cash to the family and because we didn’t want our Aunt’s possessions just to go in the garbage. But after three months  we were left with about four rooms filled with, well, less than desirable stuff. Junk essentially. 

Summer was coming and the real estate agent that agreed to sell my Aunt’s property wanted to get it on the market by the Summer. So we were faced with a conundrum. How do we clean up a house and get it ready to show in about two months?

We called a junk removal service. The junk removal service we called specialized in estate clean ups and they had done this a million times before. Using a junk removal service saved everyone else a lot of time and did our estate clean up in about a day.

So if you need to clean up an estate I’d highly recommend calling a junk removal service.

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