Los Angeles Swimming Pool Removal Services

If you live in Los Angeles you will no doubt see in ground pools jammed into backyards on every block of every street between Covina and Chatsworth. The mind can actual boggle from time to time. How did they get that in there? While I am sure that certain swimming pools were an engineering marvel to install in such a small space, it is significantly less of a marvel when you want to remove that pool. So how do you handle Los Angeles Swimming Pool Removal in yards with less than perfect access?

Most pool demolition contractors prefer to use a bobcat with a breaker attachment or a backhoe to remove and fill in a pool. Heavy machinery makes fairly quick work of in ground pools. But pool demolition contractors can also remove a swimming pool without heavy machinery.

Swimming pool removal “by hand” is a fairly long and tedious process. A couple of demolition workers with jackhammers demolish the surrounding concrete and use wheelbarrows or concrete haulers to haul away the concrete.

This is super-time consuming. If you need to have your pool removed by hand be prepared for a certain sticker shock. What would be a normal $5,000 pool removal can jump in price to $10,000 or more.

Are there any other alternatives to pool removal when you have a hard to remove pool? Not really. Many people suggest pulling the drain plug out of a pool, letting it drain, and filling the pool with dirt and building a deck on top of it. However this isn’t strictly legal or permissible. If you have a hard to remove pool you may consider just keeping the pool, but covering it during the winter months, or fencing it off to keep out trespassers and neighborhood kids.

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