Pool Demolition & House Values

So what does swimming pool demolition do to your house value? Does demolishing your pool raise the value of your house? Does demolishing a pool lower the value of your house? What will pool demolition do to my tax appraisal and resale value? Here are some thoughts on pool demolition and value. 

Will Pool Demolition Raise the Value of My Home?

Like all things real estate related everything depends on the area you live. Generally speaking pool demolition will not raise the value of your home. In parts of the country where pools are much loved there is a chance that a pool demolition could hurt the value of your home. In most cases demolishing a swimming pool will have little to no effect on your home value.

Will Pool Demolition Lower My Taxes?

Homes with pools often appraise at a higher value than homes without pools. So removing a pool will lower your taxes. Will removal lower them substantially? Probably not. Swimming pools represent a small portion of your overall property tax assessment. 

Do I Have to Disclose a Pool Demolition When I Sell a Home?

Yes, most cases and in most cities you must disclose the site of a formerly demolish swimming pool. 

So if you are looking at swimming pool demolition from a purely value added perspective swimming pool demolition is probably a wash. Removing a pool certainly won’t increase the value of your home and you won’t recoup the money spent on property taxes. But most people who seek out pool demolition, seek it out for other reasons, such as family safety. 

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